Blender’s blades have become blunt; What is the domestic way to sharpen it?

Blender blades are used almost every home at home! It seems that the spill will rise! Everyone has become dependent on Blender to make gastric juice from the spice, juice! But due to the use of the blade of the blade becomes dull! So many people think of buying a new blender, and some even bother about how old bands can be borrowed! I will not let him, but I’m giving a simple way to blender the old blade again!



  • At home we drank the dough and put the box in the bin! But it can also help us in many civil jobs! The blender can return to the edge of the eggshells used! How so?
  • Wash the grams every day, keep dry and dry it! It also has considerable advantages to bring blender blades with the addition of blurred stains.
  • How ??? First, mix 2-3 cups of eggshell with half a cup of water and blend well with blender! Blend in such a way that the egg shells become scratched!
  • Now drop the blended egg shells, blew it properly, remove the blender, dry it again, try it again – you will see good results. See how to save you from buying a new blender !!


  • One of our many useful instruments is blender or mixer. Whether it is used or not, after a few days of buying, it seems that lending is not the same as before. It has gone a lot. In most cases, blades are not able to open from the blender machine, so the method for sharpening the blender blade is slightly different. You need only a bit salt to lend blender blades.
  • Blend the pieces of bit salt. Blender can not take too much salt, take a little bit. Blend it at a low speed. Take time to the blind is very low. If you take a bit of salt in blender, it will be a lot louder. You can get back the salt using the lid to lower your blender blades.


We have tried to present some strategies in the tips section, which is very useful for your daily routine. In the continuation of it, today is a tip related to daily life. See, maybe you will be working very hard on your own.

  • Blender, Smoothie, and Spicy Pest have many homes to create Blender. It is very useful in the cooking time. But during the time of cleaning it is a problem. It can not be cleaned like normal tableware. All parts have to be cleaned open. Many cleanse the hands of cleansing the blades. What to do? Let’s take a look at the shortcut method of cleaning Blender in just one minute.
  • You have to do this work immediately after using Blender. Blender kept it off after syncing, it can not be done. After using blender, give it 2 cups of warm water. Give it a few drops of dishwashing soap. After that, use Blender as you normally would and apply it. Use different blenders in different modes such as pulse, speed, and crush. Blender in 30 seconds of hot soapy water. Then wash it out and wash it with water. Blender will be clean. For better cleaning, one teaspoon rice can be given in the saabpanani.
  • If you use egg, milk and any other ingredient in blender, it is important to clean it better. Again, many people keep the blender an hour after hour, in that case, the shortcut will not work. Then keep the night in the blender with a mixture of water and vinegar. Separate all the parts in the morning. Use a toothbrush to clear the blade so that the hand is not cut off.

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