How to Make Protein Drink Without a Blender and Protein Powder!


Protein is a normal body function for nutrients, as well as muscle growth, maintenance, and repair. Contrary to carbohydrate or sugary sugars, protein is a refreshing effect on appetite which helps prevent blood sugar control and cravings which can be consumed more than competitive athletes, bodybuilders, and everyday people protein hectares help in muscle repair from scratch and keep on hunger for control.

Protein can be made without any fancy equipment or ingredients such as blenders and protein powders, making them more user-friendly

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Step 1

Select a large glass to make your drink. A larger rim and bottom allow you to stir together elements together with the skin together.

Step 2

To replace a protein powder, select a base product such as protein high milk. Skim milk is a low-fat alternative that provides about 29 cm of protein. Compare Protein to 7 g of Soy Milk. For a thick base and texture, a nonfat, Greek high-protein yogurt is selected as yogurt, which provides about 20 grams of protein in one serving 175 c.

Step 3

Add a nut flour to the extended protein, healthy fat and a weighing for the taste. A table of natural nut butter contains about 90 calories, 8 grams of fat and 4 grams of protein. Before adding dirt weed, the earthen crusher may help to ensure that it is mixed continuously with other ingredients.

Step 4

Add a thick adjustment to fat in low-fat cottage cheese and add a shake for the protein. Serving about half a cup of cottage cheese, about 100 calories and 14 grams of protein.

Step 5

For a sweet sweet, add a glass of mash and other ingredients together with a creamy, poodle-like texture. Mix all the ingredients by stirring aggressively with a spoon of about one to three minutes. Drawdown the sides of the glass as needed. Let’s wake up again for a minute to sit and confirm the right combination.


Be aware of allergies for dairy products or nuts. Properly select options such as soy milk, shampoo or pumpkin seed peas, talk to a doctor or nutritionist before your sudden change in diabetes or if you are not sure of your protein requirements.we are suggest the best blender is Vitamix 5200 as you like see it.

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