Never Give Food To Blender!

Blender is very useful for the kitchen. There is no pairing to make sauce, soup, smoked or juice. Blenders and grinders now used instead of mortar or Shilpa to powders or paste any foodstuff.

But the blender can be used because all the foods cannot be filled in it. It is not good to give some food to Blender. Know what food.

Common Temperature Spinach:

Many people use spinach to make green smoothing. But if fresh spinach is given in the blender, it becomes easily brown. Keep the color of ice for 5-6 minutes to hold the color. After blending it will be green.

High Fiber Food:

Spinach or broccoli- Think of the food that has more fiber, before blending it again. Because it blends long long fiber, it is not easy to eat.

Strengthening Fruit In The Accumulation:

Do not use solidly frozen fruits from the fridge for making fruit juices or smoothing. Blades of Blender can be broken. Keep them out of the refrigerator for a while so that the fruit becomes soft. Then blend.


It may be necessary to make a little bit of powder to bake. But peanuts, coffee beans or cocoa bins can reduce the blender’s credit. You can grill them in the grinder.

Intense odor meal:

Pepper, garlic, can rub the blender rubber seal. Not only this, the blender keeps its smell after washing it. After smashing the juice in the morning on the same blender after the garlic butter, you will see the smell remains.

Meat, Bones Or Thorns:

If many people use the blender to prepare meatballs or koftas, then the bones and thorns should be selected. Not only that, it should be a second time to think about blending the meat, because the taste of meat is reduced considerably.

Tomato Sauce:

It is better not to use the blender for making tomato sauce. Because it enters a lot of air in the morning and the sauce changes to pink rather than pink.

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Very hot food:

During the preparation of jam or sauce, many people give hot food to the blender. But it can be a terrible danger! The bladder may explode with lid, it can burn your skin and spread food throughout the kitchen.

The Whole Ginger:

There is so much fiber in realization, that if it is done in the blender, it will not be a paste, but it will be a bit confusing. You can get better results if you chip it with a knife.

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