I Created Hot Soup, Pizza Pie Dough, And Mocha With Vitamix’s Unbelievable $600 Smart Blender, And Now i Purchase Why People Love Them!

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  • When it comes to blenders, you find what you pay for. The cheaper blenders suffer from a lack of power and stability. Yet, the top-of-the-line models are built to last and back by potent warranties.
  • Vitamix blenders are broadly considered the best on the market, and their price mirrors their track record of performance.
  • I was pictured with how easy the Vitamix was to use out of the box and the wide variety of tasks. it could complete that would normally be reserved for a heavy-duty food processor stand mixer.
  • The Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender is not inexpensive (currently $549.96 on Amazon), but it can replace a number of other household machinery while providing seamless operation and cleanup.

If you rely on a cheap blender you adopted as a housewarming present or picked up on sale at a big-box store. you likely have an adversarial relationship with it. The low-cost blenders currently available on the market has unease pureeing anything but the softest items. I’ve had blenders like these. I’d look at the appliance with a phobia. As I chose to eat a whole apple rather than bother with a smoothie. A bad unit just takes up counter space and cause. You to shy away from a recipe that calls for a blender.

With this in mind, I spread at the chance to test a Vitamix.

The company recently launched the “Ascent Series” and their ambassador sent me the A3500 model to test. This model “has all the bells and pipes.” Below, I will research what makes Vitamix blenders so great, share my experience with the A3500, and let you know if it’s cost your money.

What’s Special In Relation To The Ascent Series?

The main features founded in the Ascent Series blenders that are not found in other Vitamix blenders are Self-Detect technology and built-in timers. The Ascent Series blenders come with a 64-ounce receptacle but are consistent with Vitamix’s 48-, 32-, 20-, and 8-ounce containers. And, the Self-Detect technology usage built-in wireless connectivity to sense the size of the receptacle being used and adjusts the program settings and times accordingly.

When you are busy hustling around the cook room preparing a large meal, you don’t want to babysit the blender. This is where the built-in timer comes in an expert. You just start the Best Vitamix Blender and you can easy monitor how long your elements blend on the digital display.

The Ascent Series is also unparalleled in that it offers the longest warranty of any Vitamix blenders at 10 years.

                                                                    Smart Blender

There Are Four Models In The Ascent Series:

  • A2300 (currently $392.49 on Amazon)– This is the essential model with all of them on top of options besides what you may expect from any Vitamix blender: variable speed management, pulse, clear lid, powerful motor, and 4 color choices.
  • A2500 (currently $399.95 on Amazon)– The A2500 may be a maximize from the A2300 with 3 pre-programmed settings for frozen desserts, hot soups, and smoothies. simply set the dial to 1 of those programs, and also the A2500 senses the instrumentation and runs at the perfect speeds for the preset quantity of your time.
  • A3300 (currently $399.95 on Amazon)– The A3300 does not have any of the pre-programmed settings, however, it will have touchscreen controls, and you’ll be able to program the digital timer to prevent once the required quantity of your time.
  • A3500 (currently $549.96 on Amazon)– This is the model Vitamix sent Maine. it’s 5 pre-set programs: cleanup, purees, frozen desserts, hot soups, and smoothies. Plus, you use the programs victimization touchscreen controls.

My 1st Experiences with The Vitamix A3500 Blender!

As I removed the A3500 smart blender from the box, I used to be 1st affected by however easy it appeared. The blender consists of low-profile 64-ounce instrumentation and a motor base. My previous blender, a Ninja, had mechanisms for protection the lid to the instrumentation and also the instrumentation to the bottom. this can be not the case with the A3500. The lid snaps into place, and also the instrumentation merely sits on the base’s centering pad. the whole set-up is 11″ deep by 8″ wide by 17″ tall therefore it fits underneath the cupboards on most room counters.

A low-profile classic tamper, fast begin guide, and a hard-cover direction guide with dozens of recipes that check the vary of the appliance were conjointly enclosed with the blender. I liked that the tamper was sized so once you use it through the lid hole, it falls simply in need of touching the blades. This helps you avoid destroying the tamper and probably symptom yourself.

If I used to be intimidated by the prospect of victimization such a strong and overpriced device, those feelings went away quickly as I picked up the fast begin guide. They suggest beginning with a classic smoothie and supply handy orient the way to properly load different types of smoothie ingredients with liquids 1st and frozen ingredients last.

as you like that Vitamix 5200

For the initial smoothie, I went a bit wild with the frozen berries and neglected to feature something a lot of fluid than food. The Vitamix handled it for a touch bit then the blades stopped. Criticism accepted: I introduced some actual liquids to my smoothie, and also the remainder of the blending method proceeded while not a hitch. I appreciated that the blades stopped instead of merely making an attempt to move and doubtless burning out the motor. Motor conk out is pretty rare with Vitamix blenders.

                                                            Smart Blender

How The Vitamix A3500 Smart Blender Performed

I had a reasonably simple method for testing the Vitamix A3500 Smart Blender. My goal was to create as many various dishes as potential with it. For ideas, I reached intent on friends, looked the slick formula book that came with the blender, and searched the 500+ recipes on the Vitamix app. additionally to creating numerous foodstuffs, I closely tested the self-clean perform of the device and noted its effectiveness.

When I remarked Vitamix Smart Blenders in oral communication, folks would typically raise if it absolutely was ready to heat up a bowl of soup. And, I can currently answer from primary expertise that it does so. For this experiment, I created Cauliflower Soup. I merely added the ingredients – including raw cashews, leeks, and in fact cauliflower – to the instrumentation and pressed the new Soup button. Therefore, is heated by the friction created by the blade so it runs at high speeds for concerning six minutes. The ensuing soup was piping hot and delicious.

An eater friend asked Maine to create a vegetarian cashew bechamel sauce. This was another project formula that merely involved loading up the instrumentation and blending. The results were glorious. My sons had no concept it was the product of cashews (though they did not mistake it for cheese.)

One of my biggest cookery challenges is creating pizza pie dough. I’ve had a few failing tries and have resigned myself to a lifetime of buying premade dough from the store. So, when I saw the formula in the app, I had to grant it an attempt.

The Vitamix app is supposed to figure along with your blender and a sensible scale. I did not have a smart scale but was still able to get pleasure from the advantages of the app. The app just about holds your hand because it takes you gradually through the recipes. First, place the dry ingredients within the instrumentation, then press the blend button within the app and therefore the play icon on the touchscreen, and therefore the blender will mechanically endure the right amount of your time. You then add the wet ingredients, blend once more, and voila! you’ve got a ball of dough that’s able to rise.

The pizza pie dough clad delicious. My sole qualm was that the formula was speculated to be for one large pizza pie, but it was simple enough for 2. I did not acknowledge this quickly, so we tend to complete up with one unbelievably thick crust. I had even additional success once I used the A3500 to make a cauliflower pizza pie crust.

Smoothies are an everyday afternoon treat in my home. when I served others before adding a greens powder and running the smoothie mode once more, my portable complete up to a somewhat less-refreshing lukewarm. I mention this so you may learn from my mistakes and not over-blend your smoothies!

I’ll share an added stunning trick: coffee. My coffee maker was being temperamental recently (turns out I required to delete it). And so as to own my morning cup of joe. I followed the Mocha Spiced coffee directions within the formula book using instant coffee, milk, and flavorings. once 5 minutes of high-speed blending. I had a hot, frothy alkaloid fix. be happy to require the time without work, coffee maker!

The A3500 features a pre-programmed self-cleaning setting. Basically, once you’re done creating your concoction, you place a drop of dish liquid within the instrumentation, fill it about halfway with heat water, pop it back on the bottom with the lid on, and run the self-clean program. In below a minute, the instrumentation and lid square measure clean.

For the foremost half, this method worked well. However, there have been a couple of things that did not come back off simply, even after running the self-cleaning mode doubly. The pizza pie dough and cashew bechamel sauce each required some further, by-hand cleansing. Also, the self-cleaning perform clearly does not clean outside of the instrumentation. But, a sponge, detergent, warm water, and a touch sweat finished the task quickly.

Some Issues About The Blender

The Vitamix A3500 is best than any blender I’ve ever used. That said, there are a number of limitations. I found removing thicker foods from the instrumentation, like the cashew bechamel sauce or nut butter, is a pain. You need an honest silicone polymer hand tool or spatula to induce the finished product out.

The app was unbelievably easy, apart from one flaw. All of the recipes were either listed in ounces, grams, or milliliters counting on how you came upon your profile. Online, Vitamix has a similar recipe listed in classic U.S.A. units of volume (e.g., cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc.). It might are nice if the app had these same measurements.

Lastly, I would prefer to see Vitamix produce an automatic pulse program. With the app’s good blending, several of the recipes wouldn’t blend automatically. Others would solely do one or 2 pulses. I understand that this can be done in order. That you’ll be able to properly assess the consistency of your ingredients. But it gets tedious when a formula necessitate pulsing fifty or sixty times.

Bottom line

Overall, if you’ve got some extra cash to spend and you love to cook. Then treat yourself with the most effective blender on the market. If somebody were to steal my Vitamix tomorrow, I would eventually replace it once I stored up enough cash. It makes such a lot of tedious DIY room projects such a lot easier and galvanized Maine to eat healthier.

But, since the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series good blender prices concerning $600, you may want to think about one among the more cost-effective Ascent Series models. this is very true if the value is vital to you and you do not mind sacrificing options like pre-set programs and a programmable timer.

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