Vitamix S50 Reviews (Personal Blender)

The Vitamix S50 Personal blender permits you to simply prepare delicious and healthy smoothies, fast sauces, baby food, condiment fresco, and far a lot of. After the S30, this was the second blender from Vitamix in their noted S-Series (or Personal Blender). With this innovative blender, OH-based Vitamix Corporation has added quite punch, combining their mythological power with a compact and feature-rich style.

Vitamix S50

There’s no shortage of corporations who are creating blenders nowadays. Despite this packed field of competition. Vitamix has firmly established itself in the concert of the most effective blender makers within the world. Unnumerable juice bars, smoothie retailers, and restaurants are using their product on a day after day. While their higher-capacity model’s ar was super spectacular. Their personal blenders (such because of the S50) are amazing too. For one person living alone or any low family, the S50 could be a nice machine to possess in the room.

The S50 isn’t simply a smoothie machine. You’ll blend a good vary of healthy recipes in your S50 personal blender in minutes. You’ll prepare hot soups, frozen desserts, baby food, dressings & sauces, butter, nut milk, dips & spreads, flours, dough, and more. This machine grinds, chops, and purees expeditiously. It fits onto the room counter simply and works quietly. there’s a pulse perform and 13 speeds to settle on from. There square measure 2 pre-programmed settings in addition. All of the functions on the S50 square measure super simple to control.

Vitamix S50

Sure enough — there square measure many smart blenders out there. However, the Vitamix S50 stands out. Robust and sturdy, powerful, jam-packed with features like pre-programmed settings and variable speeds, 2 containers rather than one, and therefore the known Vitamix pledge makes this blender a solid purchase. If you’re trying to find a blender with a tiny low capability during this value vary, you can’t get it wrong with the Vitamix S50.

S50 Features:

  1. 790-watt motor, that is 840-watt at peak.
  2. Laser-cut chrome steel blades.
  3. Interchangeable blade base.
  4. Two shatter-proof double-wall insulated containers – forty oz, and 20 oz.
  5. The twenty oz comes with a travel mug.
  6. The containers square measure created with BPA-free plastic.
  7. Double-wall insulation keeps the drinks cool when you square measure traveling.
  8. Flip-top lid for simple sipping.
  9. 2 pre-programmed settings for power mix and smoothies.
  10. 10 variable speed controls.
  11. Shuts off mechanically once the chosen cycle is complete.
  12. Pulse feature for fast chopping and making ready the ingredients.
  13. Tamper.
  14. The interlocking safety system prevents the motor from beginning till the instrumentation is mounted firmly. The motor stops mechanically if the instrumentation is removed.
  15. Prepares soups, frozen desserts, smoothies, baby foods, nut butter, puree, dressings & sauces, batters, dips & spreads with efficiency.
  16. They can chop vegetables and herbs quickly. sensible for grinding, and pureeing.
  17. Space-saving and compact style. Fits underneath the camp simply.
  18. Dishwasher safes.
  19. Available in 2 colors – Black, and Red.
  20. Recipe book with gradual directions.
  21. Full 5-year guarantee.

Pulse and Variable Speeds:

You’ll have complete management over the consistency of your sauce, pesto, smoothies, and alternative recipes. Due to the heartbeat perform and also the thirteen speeds on the Vitamix S50 blender. Strive a mild speed once you’re blending fruits. Opt for an additional powerful higher speed for robust ingredients like greens, carrots, and ice.

Pre-Programmed Settings:

There are 2 pre-programmed settings on this blender, for power blends and smoothies. This can be a pleasant modification from the Vitamix S30 blender, that lacks pre-programmed settings. If you’re searching for additional within the manner of pre-programmed settings, check out the popular S55 model that has four.

Vitamix S50

The smoothie setting is nice for yogurts, contemporary fruits, and alternative soft ingredients. the ability blend, on the opposite hand, is meant for robust ice and veggies. It works expeditiously even for round the bend and seeds. simply choose the setting that’s right for your direction and ingredients — your blender can put off mechanically once the blending is finished.


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Vitamix S50

There are 2 containers that you simply will attach to the S50’s motorized base. The forty oz jar is larger and also the twenty oz pitcher is additional travel-friendly. each the containers ar splinterproof, sturdy, and BPA-free. they’re conjointly dishwasher safe. There are clear markings on the instrumentality that you simply will browse simply for measurements. The blade within the instrumentality is removable for straightforward cleaning.


Smoothies – the complete lineup of Vitamix blenders is well-known for having the ability to create nice smoothies. The S50 will justice to the present name. It makes excellent smoothies, regardless of however exotic, tough, or delicate the ingredients. The S50 is a smaller amount powerful than the larger models, but it does the duty okay.

Place the liquid at an all-time low of the big instrumentation, followed by the dry product, ivied greens, veggies, and fruits. Frozen ingredients and ice should come back last. It’s best to layer during this manner for simple blending.

Juicing – The S50 isn’t your ancient “juice extractor”. However, it can still mix ingredients, notably fiber, terribly with efficiency. The motor will break apart the cell walls of any vegetables or fruits, rework whole fibers, and liquefy them into juice for you to drink. you’ll get all of the biological processes edges from the ingredients once they’re allowed within the S50.

Dry and wet chopping – The variable speed controls during this model permits precise and clean dry chopping. It’s a good blender for getting ready meals for little families. The sharp blades prepare recipes like chunky toppings for your soups and dip. The blade can chop bell pepper too.

Wet chopping is additional consistent, and higher fitted to vegetables and raw fruits. The ingredients area unit higher circulated with water. Use short fast abrupt pulses after you area unit blending at high speed.

Grinding – you’ll be able to use the Vitamix S50 to create a spread, flour, granulated sugar, flax meal, and even grinding your morning occasional. simply keep in mind to use the forty oz dry instrumentation.

Mixing – The S50 blender also can be used a mixer for whipping up batters like pancakes, and for bread like quick bread or banana. The S50 blender will even be wont to build cakes and cookies.


Vitamix covers the S50 with a full 5-year full assurance. If any repairs square measure required to your machine throughout that point, they’ll cowl elements, labor, and even shipping prices each way in which.

Where to Buy the Vitamix S50?

You can order Vitamix S50 blender directly from Amazon through their online store. once adding the S50 to your cart, enter the subsequent promo code once looking for.

Vitamix S50

One nice good thing about ordering directly from Amazon is their in- kitchen free trial. Amazon offers you thirty days to use the S50 in your room, and if at any time throughout the primary thirty days you choose that the lender simply doesn’t meet your expectations, they’ll exit back. the corporation can even acquire all come shipping prices.

Another neat issue that Vitamix is giving at once on the S50 blender is associate degree interest-free payment set up. If you’d rather not get hold of the complete value direct, they’ll hack the worth of the blender into eighteen straightforward installments and won’t charge you a penny in interest to try and do it. this can be nice if you’re tight on cash at the instant and can’t very affordable to get hold of the S50 entirely direct.

Pros and Cons:

What we have a tendency to Like:

  1. A very smart personal blender for people or tiny families.
  2. Sleek style.
  3. It comes with 2 containers – forty oz and twenty oz.
  4. The containers square measure created with BPA-free plastic.
  5. Powerful stainless-steel blades.
  6. Two pre-programmed settings.
  7. 10 variable speed controls.
  8. Shuts off mechanically once the chosen cycle is complete.
  9. Dishwasher safe.
  10. It can be used for mix, grinding, pureeing, dry, and wet chopping.
  11. Good with soups, frozen desserts, smoothies, baby foods, nut butter, puree, dressings & sauces, batters, dips & spreads.etc
  12. Full 5-year assurance.
  13. Things we have a tendency to Don’t Like:
  14. Cleaning is troublesome. you need to unscrew the blade and seal 1st.
  15. Limited capability. smart for tiny tasks solely.
  16. Costlier than several different blenders.
  17. Final Thoughts

The Vitamix S50 is a terribly economical personal blender for smoothies, juices, frozen desserts, baby foods, nut butter, and an entire heap a lot of. This super versatile blender can even be used for grinding, chopping, dough creating, and mixing. as you like see it Vitamix 5200 It’s an awfully handy machine to own within the room once you need to mix in tiny quantities, and is ideal for tiny families and single people.

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